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Hello and welcome,

Our web is connected to Glitch. There are over 20 commands that provide 24/7 service.

You can use the !help command to see all the commands in the bot.

You can use the !setup command to link the bot that will send the details of the kick, ban, mute, warn and more

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Now I will share some of the commands.


Send you some funny meme!


Create for you new ticket!


Close the ticket!


Send for you a cute cat!


Send for you a cute dog!


Send for you some funny gif!


Send for you some joke!

!howgay (@User)

Tell howgay is user!


Send for you random emoji!

!avatar (@User)

Send the avatar of the user!


Give for you a verify role!


Send a random message (Pali/Tree)!

!kick (@User) (Reason)

Kick the user!

!ban (@User) (Reason)

Ban the user!

!warn (@User) (Reason)

Warn the user!

!report (@User) (Reason)

Report the user!


Send the dashboard of the bot!

!setw (ChannelId)

Set the welcome channel!

!setlog (ChannelId)

Set the logs channel!


Send the setup commands!

!userinfo (@User)

Send the metion userinfo!


Send the serverinfo!

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